Our Pick of the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Brands that put our Planet First 🌎

Our Pick of the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Brands that put our Planet First 🌎

 Many people are unaware of the enormous amount of waste and unethical treatment taking place in the retail industry. It is estimated that the fashion industry alone is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, while the home furnishing industry alone is responsible for another 8%. We know now, that supporting eco-friendly brands and putting our planet first is more important than ever. When you support eco-friendly brands, you can have peace of mind knowing that your purchase is not contributing to environmental destruction or exploitation of workers. You can also feel good about supporting businesses that are taking steps to make a positive impact on our Planet.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a Top 10 List of our Top Eco-Friendly Brands that put our Planet first.


1. Cozy Soul Co  

"Rooted in sustainability, handmade, and au naturel; Cozy Soul Co hand pours each candle with the finest natural waxes, oils, and fragrances, ensuring each piece is free of phthalates, and toxins so you can live and breathe with ease. They deeply believe in the green dream and little acts that reap bold rewards, which is why they use certified wooden wicks, glass containers, and 100% recyclable and/or reusable packaging. Creating happy hearts within healthier homes, naturally."


Shop the Cozy Soul Co Collection on Athens & Company. 


2. Stomps & Company 

"Stomps & Company started with two goals: to protect and nurture our environment for our furry friends and humans around the world and to reshape our dining experience with sustainable products. I first began offering cutting boards and bowls, made from recycled and reused wood and then refined by hand, in my shop. Instead of being left to rot in a landfill or be burned as waste, salvageable wood is given new life as beautiful, all-natural kitchen products for more people to enjoy.

But I knew there was more I could do. I partner with local family-owned businesses to collect wood and other recyclable materials to use to provide sustainable products. Using age-old woodworking techniques, I incorporate local tradition and culture into every piece in my line, giving a rare touch and story behind each of my products. We offer unique and functional designs that add lasting charm to every corner of your home. Discover the stories behind the making of our high-quality homewares. From sourcing to packaging, we do everything we do with purpose and passion for the world we live in.

Stomps & Company is welcoming their Waterfront Airbnb Destination, just "stomps" away from the Middle Oconee River. Shop the curated product collection on Athens & Company."
Shop the Stomps & Company Collection on Athens & Company.

3. Peach State Produce 

Peach State Produce is founded and based in Athens, Georgia. They source and grow their products on local soil near you. You will be able to shop their organic spices and sauces on athensandcompany.com in 2023. 

We're a family-run business in Athens, GA, founded by a father-daughter duo who love working together in the garden. We make all of our spice mixes and sauces from scratch, using only locally grown produce that's been hand-picked by the owner, Zach, himself. The owner loves to cook, so he decided to start making spice mixes for himself because he couldn't find any that were fresh or flavorful enough for his taste buds.

We also give back to the Athens community by donating any unwanted produce from our garden and by hosting community organization events.  

Learn more about Peach State Produce on peachstateproduce.com and blog.peachstateproduce.com . 

Shop The Peach State Produce Collection on Athens & Company. 


4. Blush & Gold 

"Originally from a little town outside Milan (Italy), co-founder and small business owner Mara used to spend hours as a small child looking through her grandparents' photo albums, engrossed in each photograph, trying to piece their story together. That’s when her love for collecting memories and a passion for paper started.

A wearer of many hats, Mara has been a designer, a teacher, a dreamer, and everything in between. A compulsive maker, when she's not busy designing new products and stationery, Mara can be found on the sofa binging on her favorite Netflix shows, researching anything true crime, wondering why all her plants are dying, or chasing after the 3rd and 4th members of Blush and Gold, our two cats Buddy and Holly.

Paul, also co-owner of Blush & Gold, is a musician at heart, when he’s not laying down riffs or entertaining crowds in one of his bands, he can be found organizing things behind the scenes at Blush and Gold. A self-confessed lover of spreadsheets and Excel, Paul’s most at home creating lists and trying to keep Mara’s feet on the ground."
Shop the Blush & Gold Collection on Athens & Company. 

5. Athens & Company 

Athens & Company fosters partnerships with small-scale artisans and makers from around the globe. In order to promote economic freedom and stability for the artisans and makers, we created a platform to feature their products and gain like minded consumers from around the globe. We are dedicated to supporting these brands by finding these conscious consumers who know the impact of their purchase.
Shop our artisans and makers products on athensandcompany.com. 

6. Hill Napper®

Founded in 2015, in Barcelona Spain, Hill Napper specializes in Men's Swimwear distinguished by their Bermuda style. The comforting style is the best attribute of its products. Hill Napper is known for being an Eco-Friendly and Organic brand by the products and manufacturing processes that they use and implement.
"All of our products are made with 93% polyester and 7% lycra to provide the best balance of durability and comfort. This fabric combination dries quickly, does not wrinkle, and withstands damage from the elements with a strong knit and soft feel. Additionally, the added lycra provides extra elasticity due to its inclusion of 7% elastane." 
Shop the Hill Napper brand by chatting with our customer service representatives. 

 7. The Sustainable Watch Company 

"The Sustainable Watch Company is born from a desire to save our planet. Whilst we are only small, we have big dreams! We aim to be a heavily climate positive business. This will see us removing significantly more carbon from the environment than we produce through our operations. Helping reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Whilst we can't do it alone, we definitely can't do it without you, so thank you for shopping small and giving us a chance! Our pledge to you is to forever play our part in slowing climate change, building a business with a focus on environmental impact and not solely profit.

Our How: One Tree Planted With Every Order - We care deeply about our planet, and creating a business that gives back. Trees clean our air & water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health & wellbeing and create jobs for social impact. We’re proud to support reforestation through our partnership with Ecologi, planting one tree with every order. If you would like to learn more about Ecologi and their work, click here. Carbon Impact: To contribute to our goal, for every order we receive we offset 100kg of Carbon through our partnership with Ecologi. Equivalent to 248 miles of driving in an average passenger vehicle! Alongside this we donate 1% of our revenue through Stripe to carbon removal via Stripe Climate. Finally, we operate a Climate Positive workforce. This sees us offsetting more carbon per head than is generated by our workforce.
Shop the Sustainable Watch Company Collection on Athens & Company.

8. Jess Wandering Goods 

Our mission is to continuously find and maintain ways to stay earth-friendly and promote sustainability. We have done this by | Using Glass Bottles | Compostable & Recyclable Shipping Materials | Recyclable Packaging Materials | Earth Based Display Pieces for Markets | Partner with Sustainable and Earth Friendly Suppliers & Businesses | Using Wildcrafted & Organic Ingredients . **Please consider helping our mission by repurposing/reusing your bottles & packaging from our items** 


  • Cruelty Free: We promise to never test on animals and make a conscious choice to partner with brands and suppliers that also share our values.
  • Our Essential Oils: We are proud to say that we use essential oils that are | Therapeutic Grade | meaning they have the ideal chemical profiles to offer health & wellness benefits. | Purity Tested | using GC/MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) testing. Each test report is interpreted by an expert third-party chemist who checks the essential oils for the appropriate chemical profile as well as any substances that should not be present. | Free From Pesticides, Synthetic Ingredients, and Other Chemicals | The highest-quality essential oils start with healthy plants, grown in their native climate without the use of chemical pesticides and are organically grown, wildcrafted, or certified organic to ensure a fully natural product. GC/MS tests confirm and ensure that the oils are free of harmful chemicals or additives.

Shop the Jess Wandering Goods Collection on Athens & Company. 


9. Soulistic Root 

Our mission is to harness the power of botanicals to make natural bath, body, and wellness products accessible for everyone. Whether you need functional products or an addition to your self-care routine, you should feel good about the ingredients you put on your body. We believe non-toxic living doesn’t have to be so hard. Soulistic Root makes products for a better planet and an abundant life for every customer.  
Our Ingredients: 
  • Premium quality essential oils & carrier oils that are ethically produced from around the world.
  • Pure Witch Hazel Extract.
  • Pure Aloe Vera sourced from the US.
  • Pure Vegetable Glycerin tested for purity, sourced from the US. 
  • Radish Root Ferment- a natural, powerful, probiotic-based, broad spectrum preservative that is both COSMOS & NPA Certified.
Shop the Soulistic Root Collection on Athens & Company. 


10. Soak Bath Co

"I started making soap as a result of getting eczema in my early twenties. I tried every medicated cream the doctor prescribed and couldn't find anything that soothed the pain or helped my dry skin condition. I started doing some research and discovered some natural alternatives. Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom hours of youtube university later, I was formulating soap bar recipes in mom and dad's kitchen. Over the years my creativity and technique has evolved in soap making specifically. Today's version of my soap artistry looks a lot different than it did years ago, mostly it's way prettier. I've always been drawn to beautiful things and pretty, functional packaging. So if you find me in a boutique shop, giddy and looking over my own product, it's because I've created a product line that I truly love. And, I get to build my business at the same time.

What more could I ask for?

If you haven't discovered SOAK Bath Co yet, I'd like to tell you a little about it. SOAK Bath Co is a handmade bath and body brand based in Niverville, Manitoba. We make fun and amazing things like fancy soap bars and bath bombs! Each of our products are made with all natural, vegan friendly ingredients. The best part, our gorgeous soap bars are completely zero waste. How? Each soap bar is wrapped with a biodegradable, plantable seed paper label so you can plant the soap label and it will grow into wildflowers! So if you're looking for a beautiful, thoughtful gift, you're in the right place. " - Candace ( Owner of Soak Bath Co ) 

Shop the Soak Bath Collection on Athens & Company. 

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