Our Pick of the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Brands that put our Planet First


Discover the hidden realities of the retail industry's waste and unethical treatment. Uncover how the fashion industry alone accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions, with an additional 8% from home furnishings. Now more than ever, supporting eco-friendly brands and prioritizing our planet is crucial. By choosing eco-friendly brands, you contribute to a sustainable future, free from environmental destruction and worker exploitation. Join us as we showcase the Top 10 Eco-Friendly Brands making a positive impact on our planet.


Four Hands, a renowned furniture brand, believes in the infinite potential of furniture to enhance any space. Their team's profound curiosity and passion for creative experimentation drive them to explore diverse corners of the world, constantly seeking that elusive touch that elevates each piece. Beyond mere design and discovery, Four Hands is dedicated to furnishing style.

Through their unceasing global exploration, Four Hands remains connected to how the world influences their products and the art of home decoration. From early backpacking trips across Southeast Asia to ongoing expeditions through cities, villages, and local markets worldwide, their relentless quest for inspiration is fueled by tenacious curiosity. They skillfully merge the cultures, experiences, and materials encountered during their travels, resulting in a wide range of styles that have become their signature.

Four Hands' design process can be best described as relentless. They immerse themselves in tinkering, experimenting, and transforming beloved concepts into something fresh and new. This unwavering dedication enables them to achieve refined and timeless designs while infusing innovation and coolness. By blending inspiration with expertise and skillfully juxtaposing materials and styles, Four Hands creates finished pieces that possess the transformative power to revitalize any space.

Above all, Four Hands places immense value on relationships, whether with consumers, designers, or retailers. They prioritize sharing information, offering honest insights, and relishing the opportunity to guide others. This commitment to forging personal creative connections serves as the driving force behind their meticulously curated showrooms and their team of design-obsessed sales staff. They recognize that their work is a collaborative endeavor, where each piece carries a unique story that ultimately finds its place with someone like you.


At Stomps & Company, their brand is driven by two primary goals: safeguarding our environment for both animals and humans worldwide, and revolutionizing the dining experience through sustainable products. It all started with their range of cutting boards and bowls, meticulously crafted from recycled and reclaimed wood, and refined by hand in their workshop. By repurposing salvageable wood, they breathe new life into materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or burned as waste.

But they didn't stop there. They actively collaborate with local, family-owned businesses, collecting wood and other recyclable materials to create their sustainable products. Employing time-honored woodworking techniques, they infuse each piece in their collection with local traditions and culture, adding a rare touch and a captivating story to every product. Their homewares blend uniqueness with functionality, bringing enduring charm to every corner of your home.

Delve into the narratives behind the creation of our premium homewares. From sourcing to packaging, every step our artisans take is driven by purpose and a profound passion for the world we inhabit. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and conscious choices that define Stomps & Company, as they embark on a journey of preserving our planet, one stunning piece at a time.

Stomps & Company introduces their new Waterfront Airbnb Destination, located just steps away from the picturesque Middle Oconee River. Explore and shop the thoughtfully curated product collection available exclusively at Athens & Company


Peach State Produce, a company based in Athens, Georgia, was founded and is operated by a father-daughter duo. They specialize in sourcing and cultivating their products locally. The company offers organic spices and sauces, which can be purchased on athensandcompany.com starting in 2023.

As a family-run business, they take pride in their hands-on approach to growing and harvesting ingredients. The owner, Zach, personally hand-picks locally grown produce to create their spice mixes and sauces. Their commitment to freshness and flavor arose from Zach's frustration with the lack of quality options available in the market.

In addition to their business operations, Peach State Produce actively contributes to the Athens community. They donate surplus produce from their garden and organize events in collaboration with community organizations.



Athens & Company, a visionary brand, is driven by a commitment to fostering partnerships with small-scale artisans and makers across the world. With the aim of promoting economic freedom and stability for these talented individuals, they have developed a platform that showcases their exceptional products and connects them with like-minded consumers globally. Athens & Company firmly believes in supporting these brands by attracting conscious consumers who understand the profound impact of their purchasing decisions.

Discover a diverse range of products from these artisans and makers by visiting athensandcompany.com. Embark on a meaningful shopping experience that uplifts both the creators and the conscious consumer community.


Their theory is simple. The design-focused company believes that design should go beyond aesthetics and consider how people live and work, striving to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Each piece they create is thoughtfully designed with personality and purpose, intended to be cherished by all for a significant duration.

The entire design process is undertaken by their collaborative team of designers. Working together within their Minneapolis workshop, they immerse themselves in sketches and engage in concept discussions. The process involves a total collaboration, from initial sketches and material selection to manufacturing techniques and packaging assembly.

Designing with a purpose, they aim to create designs that benefit everyone. Their sustainability efforts encompass all aspects of their operations, evaluating durability, materials, spaces, and partnerships to minimize environmental impact while continuing to produce meaningful and inspiring designs. They have identified five key areas of focus: environment, communities, customers, employees, and supply chain. Although achieving their sustainability goals will take time and ongoing effort, they are committed to fulfilling their responsibility to the communities, partners, and the world. More details about their sustainability plan will be revealed soon.

Their team is their greatest strength. While no one wears capes, each member at Blu Dot plays a vital role in the collaborative design process. The company's success is attributed to its strong culture and talented individuals, many of whom have been with the company for years, some even from its inception.

Blu Dot's journey began in 1997. Their very first designs were sketched on a shared roll of butcher paper on a long table in a modest 300-square-foot space in Minneapolis. Founded by three college friends—a duo of architects and a sculptor—the company emerged from their shared frustration with the lack of desirable and accessible modern designs for their own homes.

Their goal then, as it remains now, was to make good design accessible to as many people as possible. Over two decades later, they find themselves fortunate to continue designing purposeful and beautiful objects from their Minneapolis studio. With an incredibly talented team of fellow design enthusiasts, they are involved in every step of the process, from product development to the customer experience. This hands-on approach allows them to create pieces that stand the test of time. Some of their earliest designs from the initial collection have become their most popular today. Although they are hesitant to label anything as an "icon," they strive to earn that distinction.

In 2018, Blu Dot received the esteemed Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in the 'Product Design' category, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the field.


Since its establishment in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater has been dedicated to being a leading global brand rooted in sustainability. The company's vision from the outset has been to inspire the worldwide design community and foster sustainable thinking. Mater's approach combines timeless design with sustainability and circular production, utilizing waste materials and collaborating with established and emerging design talents.

Mater designs products for both commercial and residential use, striving to minimize any negative impact on society. They adhere to ethical and sustainable production standards, creating products that endure over time and encourage consumers to value and cherish them.

Through extensive research, Mater has developed partnerships with production partners who share their commitment to sustainability, collectively working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together, they seek innovative and responsible ways to create beautiful designs.

The name "Mater," derived from Latin meaning "mother," serves as a daily reminder of the company's dedication to preserving the well-being of our planet. Mater recognizes the profound influence of design on human lives, shaping values, culture, and society. They acknowledge that design choices can have environmental consequences and as a manufacturer, they embrace the opportunity to challenge questionable practices and produce ethical and sustainable designs that minimize social and environmental harm.

Henrik Marstrand, the founder of Mater, expresses this sentiment, stating, "We have the opportunity to rethink dubious practices and create ethical and sustainable design that minimizes adverse social and environmental impacts."


Life is a tapestry of contrasts, with individuals navigating their aspirations and expectations in search of meaning and comfort. The desire for a well-rounded existence, where authenticity thrives, is a common longing. This pursuit is what drives the creation of honest products and serene environments by a company rooted in a passion for genuine design and guided by a profound sense of responsibility.

Based in Copenhagen, this company collaborates with artisans across the globe, blending Scandinavian perspectives with diverse skills and traditions. Their collections are characterized by gentle contours, lavish textures, and intriguing details, allowing individuals to curate harmonious spaces with a hint of the unexpected. From the selection of materials and production processes to delivery methods, they continuously challenge themselves to shape a sustainable future, facilitating responsible choices for their customers. Their range encompasses furniture, accessories, and lighting, providing individuals with the means to fashion spaces that truly reflect their authentic selves.

The company remains steadfast in their commitment to releasing inspirational, high-quality designs crafted from genuine materials. They prioritize the maintenance of their foundation by cultivating enduring partnerships with manufacturers and fostering a company culture centered around equilibrium and transparency. Above all, they are resolute in their dedication to advancing ethical and sustainable practices that prioritize the well-being of our planet.


At Moooi, integrity is a fundamental value that guides their actions. The company operates with transparency, following through on their promises and treating everyone with equality, kindness, dignity, and respect. With a positive outlook, they are fully committed to their corporate mission, approaching their work with passion and a sense of enjoyment. They embrace each step of their remarkable journey with love and enthusiasm. As a team, they foster a collaborative spirit, supporting and challenging one another while striving for personal growth and taking initiative. They possess a strong business acumen and collectively work towards sales growth and customer success, being proud to be a part of Moooi.

Moooi's philosophy, "A Life Extraordinary," originated when Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers founded the company in 2001. Their shared goal was to create a legendary brand, and even after two decades, Moooi continues to captivate and inspire the world with breathtaking and innovative designs. The additional "O" in Moooi represents the desire to offer something extra in terms of beauty and uniqueness.

The collection curated by Moooi is consistently original, unexpected, eclectic, rebellious, and sophisticated. Their designs always push the boundaries of commercial reality and pique cultural interest. The well-curated assortment of lighting, furniture, and accessories transcends ordinary interiors, imparting a distinctive character to spaces and adding a touch of creativity and beauty that is both unexpected and exquisitely welcomed.


Loll Designs, a designer and manufacturer of outdoor furniture and accessories, is situated in Duluth, MN. Their products are renowned for their durability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. Loll utilizes HDPE (high-density polyethylene), incorporating recycled plastics such as milk jugs and shampoo bottles into their creations. With a focus on original designs and unique materials, Loll proudly produces innovative, enjoyable, and high-quality products that are crafted in the USA.

The history of Loll traces back to 1997 when they established TrueRide, a contractor specializing in designing and constructing custom municipal skate parks. Over a decade, the TrueRide team successfully built and serviced more than 400 skateboard parks across the United States and abroad. In 2007, they decided to sell TrueRide to a long-standing friend and competitor, redirecting their attention to a more leisurely approach.

Initially, Loll employed recycled post-industrial plastic, which refers to scrap materials diverted or recovered during the manufacturing process. However, by 2007, they transitioned to sourcing post-consumer plastic, obtained from waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Recognizing the importance of holistic environmental practices, Loll transformed into a sustainability-focused company. They implemented recycling programs for all recyclable materials, achieving a remarkable recycling rate of over 88% for their manufacturing waste. Additionally, they repurposed the heat generated as a byproduct of production to warm their facility during winter months. Moreover, Loll's #2 HDPE material, highly recyclable, contributes to the circular economy by transforming into new and useful products at the end of its lifecycle.


Herman Miller, a renowned company in the design industry, encompasses a rich history and multifaceted contributions. Widely recognized as the creators of iconic pieces like the Aeron Chair, Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, and significant catalysts for American modernism, Herman Miller's influence extends beyond individual products. With a holistic approach, they endeavor to craft beautiful and functional furnishings that enhance people's experiences at home, work, and in various environments, imbuing them with meaning and richness.

Having spearheaded advancements in design for over a century, Herman Miller remains at the forefront of innovation. Their involvement in shaping the ergonomic office, green building practices, authentic design principles, and lean manufacturing exemplifies their status as pioneers in the field. Collaborating with talented designers, Herman Miller continues to redefine lifestyles and workspaces, embracing evolving needs and preferences.

Timelessness is a hallmark of Herman Miller's approach. By addressing meaningful challenges and proposing honest solutions, their products endure the test of time. Whether introduced in the 1940s or more recently, Herman Miller's creations are meticulously designed to cater to people's needs, ensuring lasting relevance and value. Iconic designs such as the Eames Aluminum Group, Aeron Chair, Nelson Bedroom Collection, and Noguchi Table continue to resonate with individuals, even years after their purchase.

At the core of their mission is an unwavering commitment to quality. Herman Miller's manufacturing facilities employ top-notch, sustainable materials and adhere to world-class lean practices, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship and allowing for custom orders to meet precise specifications. Each Herman Miller product undergoes rigorous durability testing and is backed by their comprehensive warranty, reflecting the company's dedication to standing behind their creations. As they expand their offerings through the Herman Miller online store, they actively seek global partners who share their unwavering commitment to executing original designs to the highest standards of excellence and craftsmanship.

Supporting eco-friendly brands is essential in the fight against waste and unethical practices in the retail industry. The fashion industry alone contributes significantly to global carbon emissions, highlighting the urgent need for change. By choosing eco-friendly brands, we contribute to a sustainable future that is free from environmental destruction and worker exploitation.

The Top 10 Eco-Friendly Brands showcased in this blog are leading the way in making a positive impact on our planet. Brands like Four Hands, Stomps & Company, Peach State Produce, Athens & Company, Blu Dot, Mater, Ferm Living, Moooi, Loll Designs, and Herman Miller are prioritizing sustainability, ethical practices, and high-quality craftsmanship.

These brands offer a diverse range of products, from furniture and home decor to organic produce and spices. They incorporate recycled and reclaimed materials, employ sustainable production methods, and prioritize partnerships with artisans and small-scale makers. Their commitment to environmental responsibility and social impact sets them apart as leaders in the eco-friendly space.

By supporting these brands, we not only invest in high-quality and beautiful products but also contribute to a more sustainable and ethical future. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where eco-friendly practices are the norm. Join the movement and choose eco-friendly brands that align with your values. Together, we can shape a better future for our planet and future generations.

Committed to a greener future,

Christina Joy

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