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Food a Porter Cutlery Set

Food a Porter Cutlery Set

Food a porter is a collection of food and beverage containers that allows you to carry your lunch with you to eat it wherever you want. Designed by Japanese designer Sakura Adachi just like fashion accessories, Food a porter containers have a refined design, characterized by meticulously defined colors, details and finishes. The name expresses precisely this dual nature, the functional aspect and the strong aesthetic value envisioned by the designer for the objects in this original collection.

The collection includes a Lunch box, designed in 2018, to which a Lunch pot, a thermal bottle and a set of cutlery with case are being added in 2020.


  • Food a Porter Collection
  • Design in 2020
  • Cutlery set contained in a case, comprised of knife, fork and spoon
  • The case is the same grey color as the Lunch box and Lunch pot lids
  • The case, comprised of two shells held together by a hinge, is made of 100% recyclable PBT thermoplastic resin
  • Slightly smaller in size, the cutlery has been designed to adapt to the shape of the Food à Porter Lunch box and Lunch pot containers
  • The curvature of the active part of the knife and spoon aligns with that of the bottom of the containers, making the two cutlery items more effective in cutting and picking up food
  • The pieces of cutlery are held together with a silicone ring
  • A small recess on the side of the case makes it easy to open
  • The silicone ring that holds the three cutlery items together fits between two tabs inside the case
  • The case allows you to carry your own cutlery with you at all times, keeping it clean before use and preventing it from getting dirty after it has been used
  • The case is a transverse color, the same color as the lids, which is common to all sets
  • Available in Grey color

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