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Diagonal American Pool Table

Diagonal American Pool Table



Just as a diagonal line crosses a space from end to end, RS Barcelona’s designer pool table imbues any room with design, elegance and playful attitude. Diagonal is inspired by the perfect lines of this game and by one of the main thoroughfares of Barcelona, the city where it’s manufactured. Diagonal strikes the perfect balance between design and playability. With its sleek, modern lines and its range of high-quality finishes, it graces any setting, whether standing alone or together with one of our football tables or ping-pong tables. You can choose from a variety of colours ranging from sedate black to bright white, striking red, casually elegant green or navy blue. The Diagonal pool table comes in two sizes, 8 ft American and 7 ft American, in order to meet different space requirements. It has a steel structure with a polyester paint finish. For the board we’ve opted for a single compact fibre cement slab, which is tougher and more sustainable than slate. Finally, the iroko, walnut or oak wood details can be combined with the colour of the structure and cloth in order to create a unique item. The table is designed to be easily assembled, so there’s no need to hire a team of specialists to set it up for you.


  • Diagonal Collection
  • Designed by YONOH
  • Designed in 2018
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Delivery to include installation as weight and size cannot be managed by 1-2 people
  • Accessories Set includes: 47-inch Triton Carom Cue, Diagonal Brush, Diagonal Cue Stick, Diagonal Set of 12 Black Chalk, Diagonal Set of Balls and Diagonal Triangle
  • Available in two sizes
  • Available in various Accessories
  • Available in various colors
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