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Colour Blend Blanket

Colour Blend Blanket

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You probably know them, those classic plaid blankets. Designer Carole Baijings has fond memories of Aabe’s blankets. This Dutch brand has been making blankets from 100% pure wool since 1811. Carole transformed their iconic plaid pattern into an enlarged new version. The separate lines blend to create a surprising new color palette. Innovative plaid, old-fashionably warm.

Each color combination was created through testing, testing, and more testing. Only in this way did Carole and Fatboy arrive at the ultimate blends. Aabe’s brushed wool creates a beautiful effect, showing how the colors are flowing into each other. The wool comes from New Zealand and is woven and dyed in Italy using natural dyes. Each Colour Blend Blanket is all natural. This soft designer blanket by Fatboy and Aabe offers some company for on the couch, or when it cools down outside. Which one blends best with your interior? The Colour Blend Blankets are part of the Colour Blend collection, designed by Carole Baijings. This collection consists of rugs and designer blankets, and the brand has even more enchanting blends in store. Carole: “You never know in advance what the perfect color combination is. I like to be surprised by colors that arise when you blend: sometimes they come out strong, sometimes a lot warmer. Together, they form an unexpected and yet logical new whole.”


  • Colour Collection
  • Made in Italy
  • Comfortable
  • Environment friendly
  • Fully recyclable due to the use of natural materials only
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Available in various colors

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