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"Originally from a little town outside Milan (Italy), co-founder and small business owner Mara used to spend hours as a small child looking through her grandparents' photo albums, engrossed in each photograph, trying to piece their story together. That’s when her love for collecting memories and a passion for paper started.

Paul, also co-owner of Blush & Gold, is a musician at heart, when he’s not laying down riffs or entertaining crowds in one of his bands, he can be found organizing things behind the scenes at Blush and Gold. A self-confessed lover of spreadsheets and Excel, Paul’s most at home creating lists and trying to keep Mara’s feet on the ground."


Printed on FSC-certified paper: We are committed to responsible forestry and we believe that healthy forests are of crucial importance in the fight against climate change.

Manufacturing & Packaging: We only work with socially compliant manufacturers in China and Europe and this year we have made big changes to our packaging to remove the use of any unnecessary plastic products.

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