Collection: Stomps and Company | Charcuterie Boards, Live Edge Cutting Boards, End Grain Chopping Blocks and More

The Stomps and Company brand is a result of deep love and unparalleled friendship between one whitetail deer and one human. Stomps & Company started out with two goals in mind: to protect and nurture our environment for our animal friends and humans alike and to reshape our dining experience. 

At Stomps and Company, we're all about living a confident and purpose-driven life. We believe in ethics and love, but we also believe in — living life in the moment while being kind to ourselves and others. We believe in people and we love products. We strive to make creative, original, and well-made products ourselves as well as partner with companies who desire to do the same.

With simplicity in mind, our products capture the essence of the beauty nature has to offer. All products are made using wood from fallen trees in Athens, GA. Each tree is given new life as beautiful, all-natural kitchen product for more people to enjoy. Each piece embodies movement and life. At every step, we remain intentional with how we craft each piece for you. We offer unique and functional designs that add lasting charm to every corner of your home. Discover the stories behind the making of our high-quality homewares. From sourcing to packaging, everything we do, we do with purpose and passion for the world we live in and those who live in it.
And because we know you care about what goes into your body all of our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and food-safe mineral oil and waxes.